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The Star, Frisco, Texas

The Star, Frisco Retail, for O’Brien Architects

The Star, Frisco Retail, for O’Brien Architects

The Star, Frisco Retail, for O’Brien Architects

The Star, Frisco Retail, for O’Brien Architects

Safe Haven of Dallas received a new field from the Synthetic Turf Council

Safe Haven is a shelter and advocacy groups offering support for victims of domestic violence in Tarrant County.  While in Dallas for their annual meeting, the Synthetic Turf Council donated a new artificial turf field to the shelter, giving the children there an year-round, all weather outdoor space.  This short film covers the construction and the day of dedication at Safe Haven.

Dallas Arts District

A short film featuring the Winspear Opera House and the Wyly Theater in the Downtown Dallas Arts District that is being included in this year’s Beyond Media Festival in Florence, Italy.

Former Urban Theater, Dallas, Texas

The former Urban Theater, 7124 Military Parkway, Dallas, TX 75227, which served as a laundromat. It has since been demolished after a fire.

Looking at the Landscape Over Time

Cincinnati 1969I am preparing an image maker presentation for the Society for Photographic Education South Central Regional Conference in October titled “Don’t Lose Your Way”. The black and white image above will be the first in the Keynote slide show, one that I made as an undergraduate at Ohio University.  I had hitchhiked to Cincinnati where I saw this expanse of asphalt and the row of older Ohio industrial city style homes at the top of the frame. The thing is, I am still looking at these things today. I have returned to look at the landscape in much the same way I did then, I have found my way back.  The image below was made last year in downtown Dallas, a parking lot with the W Hotel, high rise condos and four story apartments that surround the American Airlines Center.

DART Light Rail

DART Rail Construction along the Trinity River levee
As a continuation of my exploration of the built environment, I have been photographing the DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) light rail construction and thinking about the possible changes in the landscape around it. The image here runs parallel to the existing highways, bypassing businesses and dividing the landscape it runs through. Businesses will close, others will open and how society interacts with the landscape will be altered.
There is a history of transportation changes altering communities. A a string of towns runs between Shreveport, LA. and Dallas, Texas that were railroad town in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  The  automobile and US Highway 80 changed that, and eventually many of these towns were bypassed all together by the interstate highway a few miles from the town centers. In Dallas, the demise of the trolly system closed businesses and even churches, who depended on public transit and had no parking facilities.  link to images

The View from the Bleachers

North Dallas Baseball Tournament

Kimball High School’s baseball field during the North Dallas Tournament, March 1, 2008.