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Economic Abandonment


A former AMC Theater recently closed in Dallas near I35 and Walnut Hill Lane.

Casa Linda Theater, Dallas, Texas

Casa Linda Theater, Dallas, Texas

The Casa Linda Theater, Dallas, Texas. Once part of the McClendon chain of indoor and drive-in movie theaters, it has been closed since 1999 and it is unlikely that it will ever show movies again.

Update 12/24/10:  The theater is now scheduled to become a grocery store.  Colorado based Natural Grocers has leased the space and is expected to open in April of 2011.

Former Braniff Airline Headquarters, Love Field, Dallas, Texas

The former Braniff Airlines headquarters

I have been passing this for years. I shot photos inside when Braniff was in business, covered the Caulder plane, the first Braniff Concord flight and flown on Braniff regularly to Mexico.

The former Braniff International Airways headquarters at Love Field in Dallas, Texas. It spent some time as Dalfort Aerospace, but has been empty since 2003. It has a 6-bay hangar, covering 13,000 sq. m. (140,000 sq. ft.) can accommodate 6 narrow-body aircraft. Its shops, warehouses and administrative offices occupy an area of 33,445 sq. m. (360,000 sq. ft). Tom Braniff’s airline opened up air travel to Latin America and commissioned Alexander Caulder paint one of their planes in the 1973. (A model of that plane now sits in the Frontiers of Flight Museum also located at Love Field.)